Connectomics: Beyond Biological Cartography

Understanding where 100+ billion roads lead and what they influence.

Early Neuroscience: Neuron Doctrine & Modern Day Neurotechnology

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Simplified: Neurons, Synapses and Axons

Beyond the Neuron Doctrine: How does a neuron work?

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Resting Potential: Baseline Communication

Action Potential: Positive Communication

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Goldman-Hodgkin-Katz Equation Formula

Classification: Types of Neurons

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Defining: Connectomics in Application

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Image Source: b1f8d0bb-e7fc-41d8–8c8b-644a580595a8-foundations.jpg

Connectomics: Putting the Pieces Together

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Connectomes Goal: C.elegans

Image Source: celeg_connectome.png

Connectomics Experimentation: The Brainbow Technique

Connectomics Analysis: Connectivity Matrixes

Image Source: celeg_connectome.png
Symmetrical Matrix (Square Matrix)

Understanding the Brain: 3 Frontiers


  • The Neuron Doctrine is a pivotal idea in Neuroscience that established the correlation between functionality and structure in the brain.
  • Neurons communicate/work through differentiation between ion concentrations.
  • Connectomics aims to map the biological pathways of the mind.
  • The Brainbow is a technique that relies on differences in RBG to identify neural connections.
  • The Connectivity Matrix uses the values of nodes to classify data into rows and columns. When this matrix doesn’t form a square (is asymmetrical), it forms a directed network. This network visualizes the influence of one network on another.
  • To truly understand the intersection between structures and functions, it is key to dynamically keep track of networks and their influences.



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Anastasija Petrovic

I’m Anastasija, a 17-year-old interested in the intersection between biotechnology and bioinformatics. I also write about mindsets and emerging technologies!