Mental Models: The Galilean Relativity Theory

Understanding How the World Works From A 384-Year-Old Theory

Who was Galileo again?

What are Mental Models?

Why Do We Need Mental Models?

An Explanation of the Theory

How to Apply the Theory to Your Life

  • Look to prove yourself wrong!
  1. Research a new scientific topic!
  2. Find and read through a research paper once.
  3. Write down your takeaways.
  4. Find and read a research paper disagreeing with this concept.
  5. Write down your takeaway on a separate piece of paper.
  6. Compare the takeaways and understand the contrasts. In other words, assign the x-ray fish role and the person with no point of reference.


  • A mental model is an explanation of how something works.
  • Mental models are useful as they are frameworks you carry around in your tool belt to help you interpret the world around you and understand the relationships between things.
  • Richard Feynman helped the Ph.D. students from MIT understand that the result of who was able to solve the problem came down to the way one saw the problem. Or, in other words, the mental model.
  • Understanding Galilean Relativity allows you to consider your perspective in relation to results.
  • Understand your limitations through challenging your thought process! You’ll learn more.



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Anastasija Petrovic

I’m Anastasija, a 17-year-old interested in the intersection between biotechnology and bioinformatics. I also write about mindsets and emerging technologies!